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Blog Posts

Rambling around Waterloo Region

I’m vlogging again. Rambling around Waterloo Region.   This time I’m rambling about the percentages of houses that don’t sell. It’s higher and more misleading than you think. I also talk about what I think sells small inexpensive homes.    

Where are the cheapest condos in Kitchener Waterloo? Part One.

Where are the cheapest condos in Kitchener Waterloo? That is a great question. On this blog, I’ve written about the best place to buy a house. I’ve written about crime and schools and neighbourhoods. I’ve written about Uptown Waterloo condos. But what if you just want a cheap place to live where you don’t have […]

Mortgages. The devil is in the details

My friend Colin, who is my age and has never owed a house says about mortgages, “mort” is french for death and “gage” is like gauge – a measurement tool – mortgages are a way to measure your time till death. Clever. If Colin had of bought a house when I did, 13 years ago, […]

What are pocket listings? Exclusive listings? Whisper listings? Inside listings?

Pocket listings or whisper listings (sometimes called inside listings) exist outside the MLS system. They are basically what we commonly see advertised as “exclusive” listings. An exclusive listing means your Realtor will be marketing your home without posting it to the MLS and all prospective buyers will inquire directly through him. This means your home […]

Moving to Kitchener Waterloo? Here are some of the best blogs to help you fit in fast.

Introduction: A blog by any other name As a long time blogger I not only appreciate but admire other bloggers and their passion to write, to teach, to share what they know and what they want to share. We do it for ourselves as an exercise in self expression and we do it for a […]