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Blog Posts

3 reasons why UpTown/North Ward is better than the Laurelwood neighbourhood

I like Laurelwood. It’s got modern houses, a great school and its near both nature and shopping. Laurelwood is a great place to raise a family. But suburbia isn’t for everyone. There is a big move across North America back to the cities. There are a lot of people who shun the suburbs, wanting to […]

Who is the best real estate agent (#1 Realtor) in Kitchener Waterloo?

Who is the #1 Realtor in Kitchener Waterloo? There are still some real estate agents in Kitchener Waterloo who like to have a big #1 somewhere in their advertising. #1 this and #1 that. Read the small print. #1 agent in my office in 2007. #1 Realtor as surveyed by my past clients (or my […]

How important is the closing date in real estate offers?

Closing date is important in real estate offers, but there are other more important things.   Price In Kitchener Waterloo, if the seller lists the house for sale at a price too high, few showings take place and potential offers stay away. If a buyer offers too low, his offer is often respectfully ignored.   […]

How much should I bid if there are multiple offers?

Q: How much should I offer over the asking price if there are multiple offers?   Short Answer 1 A: $5,000 per offer.     Short Answer 2 A: Nothing. Don’t compete.   Long Answer   List price is not market price First of all, the vast majority of houses listed for sale are listed […]

Should I buy a FSBO without the help of my Realtor?

A new client, in the process of painting a couple of rooms of his house this weekend, getting it ready for sale, sent me an email this morning. He had found a FSBO, a for sale by owner and wanted to know what I thought. I’ve helped clients buy FSBOs before. Private sellers are like […]